Saturday, December 18, 2004

Holiday reading (wish) list

Okay, I have almost a month off between semesters, so I'm hoping to tackle some of the many books - either loaned to me by friends or purchased myself - that have accumulated in my apartment. If I read at the pace I have to keep up for my classes, I can do this. But I'd rather this not feel like work. However, I shouldn't become totally lazy either. So what do you think? Can I do it? I've always wanted to be a "voracious" reader. This should do it. Maybe this will be my version of Nick Hornby's "Stuff I've Read" column in The Believer.

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Sideways by Rex Pickett

It's a Bird by Steven Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

And maybe I'll add a collection of Hornby's Believer columns - The Polysyllabic Spree - to the list, as well.

It's home for the holidays time, so I'll be broadcasting from Ann Arbor for the next two weeks. (Thanks to for the images)