Friday, December 10, 2004

The knives are out

My favorite movie review quote of the week is from one of my favorite critics, Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post:

"Watching 'Blade: Trinity' is like being rolled down a marble staircase in an oil drum."

Ouch. My expectations weren't too high for this one, though I did enjoy the first two 'Blade' films. (However, I like the first one less each time I see it, as I complained to a friend last week after watching it on TNT.) It'll still get $5.00 (matinees - gotta love 'em) from me next week after I finish my final portfolios for the semester.

Stephen didn't care much for 'Ocean's Twelve,' either:

"The whole thing is a piffle of fluff or a fluff of piffle."

Yet I'll probably be spending $5.00 on this one, too. Steven Soderbergh's one of my favorite filmmakers.