Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why So Sad, Kwame?

It's all over for Kwame Kilpatrick as Detroit mayor.

  • He pleaded guilty to two felony counts of committing perjury.
  • He pleaded no-contest to a felonious assault charge for shoving a police officer.
  • He'll serve 120 days in jail.
  • He will pay $1 million back to the city of Detroit for restitution.
  • He loses his state pension.
  • He must surrender his license to practice law.
  • He cannot run for public office for five years, while serving probation.

And thus, the best sitcom of the summer comes to an end. I love big finales. (With bonus features, such as other city officials resigning - and more surely to follow - in addition to a ripple effect that could help Barack Obama in Michigan.)

Not coincidentally, the weather in Detroit today is cloudy, but cool and refreshingly pleasant.