Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Mooseburger Mockings Continue

I can only imagine this showed up online almost as soon as it was broadcast last night on Saturday Night Live. But just in case you've only heard about Tina Fey returning yet again to portray Gov. Mooseburger and haven't seen it, we post it for you as a public service.

For all the credit Fey's received for getting Mooseburger's accent and mannerisms right, the writing absolutely nailed the "blizzard of words" (as Charlie Gibson called it) approach that the GOP vice-presidential candidate employs to obscure how little she knows and how deeply she's in over her head.

If only Amy Poehler was able to cross her legs and show them off as Katie Couric so often does. She got that derisive blinking down pat, though.

The McCain campaign may have no other choice but to hire Fey to fill in at Thursday's vice-presidential debate. And really, would we know the difference?