Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Somebody's Pants Are on Fire...

How badly is John McCain's presidential campaign mangling the facts? Even anchors on FOX News are now calling out his spokespeople for spreading misinformation. Case in point, the claim that Barack Obama will raise taxes on the middle class, which analysts say isn't true.

I have to admit, I thought Megyn Kelly was a typical FOX-bot when it came to sticking up for the Republican candidate. But apparently, even she can't ignore some of the falsehoods that are being served to the people.

And for the second time in two weeks, McCain campaign spokesperson Tucker Bounds is made to look like a fool on television, attempting to cloud the issue by trying to jibber-jabber around it. Finally, he can only make mean-spirited, sarcastic remarks about Obama parting oceans and healing the sick. (Norah O'Donnell also smacked him around yesterday on MSNBC. As Ana Marie Cox posted on TIME.com, maybe Bounds likes getting spanked by attractive female anchors.)

C'mon, even Karl Rove had to sheepishly acknowledge on Sunday that the McCain campaign had gone "one step too far," "beyond the '100 percent truth' test." Not a good testament to credibility.

Here's more from the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz.

Thanks to my buddy Matt for passing this along.