Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kwame: The Best Sitcom of the Summer

Up until now, I haven't paid too much attention to summer television because of baseball, but just before the Beijing Olympics begin, I think Kwame Kilpatrick has given us a fantastic sitcom to watch. Or is this more of a "dramedy"?

If you didn't catch the news - and this has gotten an embarrassing amount of national coverage - Detroit's joke of a mayor will be spending tonight in the slammer after violating the terms of his bond which prohibited him from leaving the city without first notifying the Wayne County Circuit Court. Kilpatrick said he was in Windsor, Canada on city business, and apologized like a teenager who trashed the family car, but the judge said he had to treat the mayor as he would any other citizen that violated bond. That led to the image that's provided most of my dinner entertainment this evening.

If that wasn't bad enough for Kilpatrick, the Michigan attorney general is set to charge him with at least one felony count tomorrow, connected to Kwame's alleged shoving of a Detroit police office. And if that charge leads to a conviction, it won't matter if the mayor chooses to resign or not because he'd be removed from office. (This would also relieve the governor from exercising her constitutional power to do so herself.)

None of this, by the way, is connected with the text message/perjury scandal that already had many Detroit citizens and politicians calling for his resignation. The Wayne County prosecutor is still working on that one.