Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today's Reading - 09/13/07

Bloggin' Tigers baseball

Okay, this is totally gratuitious (and probably an abuse of the "Today's Reading" institution, which has been established for... one whole week), but I was fortunate enough to have my Detroit Tigers blogging noticed by the people at USA Today Sports Weekly for their regular "Bloggin' Baseball" series. If you swing by a newsstand, the interview is in this week's issue (Sept. 12-18) with Armageddon Appalachian State's Corey Lynch on the cover. I'm on page 43.

UI's hot tickets

According to this article, the University of Iowa collected $850,000 in parking fines last year. That's approximately the amount the Parking and Transportation department sucked out of me during my two years at Iowa, so they've clearly found other violaters to punish (frequently). No sympathy for the grad student complaining about having to take a bus from Hawkeye Court, though. That's where I lived, and there's really no reason not to use the campus bus service from there.

Pamela Anderson: "I Paid a Poker Debt with Sexual Favors and Fell in Love"

You know, I always thought I might be missing out on something by not playing poker. I'm not sure it's an indication of one's card-playing skills, however, by putting Ms. Anderson so far in debt that she slept her way out of it. (I'm sure plenty of waiters don't mind if her credit card is ever declined at dinner.) That dude better watch out for Kid Rock or Tommy Lee, though. (Speaking of gratuitous, using "Pamela Anderson" and "sexual favors" should give the site traffic a boost today.)

A No-Paper Newspaper

We've kind of covered this sort of thing before at FRT (also in response to a Washington Post article), but each day seems to bring us closer to a reality of "paper-less" newspapers. To me, this is one of the top reasons to consider buying an iPhone or iPod Touch. It's one of the first things on my mind when I think about how I'd use it in my daily life.