Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So Many iPods, So Many Decisions

I guess I know where my next chunk of discretionary income is going...

So I think I know what my next iPod will be. The Touch - basically the iPhone without the phone - was announced today. 16 GB of storage isn't enough for those accustomed to bigger hard drives on their iPod, but as a 2 GB Nano owner, it suits me just fine.

Or I might just get the iPhone with the phone. Waiting for the iPhone to come down in price didn't take too long, with Apple announcing a $200 price cut on its 8 GB model. (The 4 GB is being discontinued.)

iWant, iWant, iWant. And I have money stomping up and down to be released from my checking account.

(Thanks to Matt for giving me a heads-up this afternoon.)