Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Always Knew Some Day You'd Come Walking Back Through My Door...

Much of the glow from things I loved in my childhood was dimmed with the new Star Wars trilogy (and I'll include Superman Returns in that, too, since it followed the original Christopher Reeve film so closely). So I winced when I heard that there would be a fourth Indiana Jones film. Not just because I fear that yet another childhood memory will be soured, but because - as I've written before - Harrison Ford is just too damn old to be in action movies now.

But it's happening: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And despite my angsty whining, I know I'll be there to see it in the first week it opens in theaters. Here's a photo that was posted on Hollywood Elsewhere today:

My first thought at first glance? Wow, Karen Allen looks great! (Between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Animal House, she was kind of a kid crush of mine.)

My second thought? Shia LeBeouf looks like he has a car on bricks in his driveway. And he looks uncannily like a douchebag my aunt once married. If not for that, I'd think he looks hilarious - especially since he's supposedly Indiana Jones' son.