Friday, June 01, 2007

Every Little $100 I Don't Spend On Concert Tickets is Magic?

I thought I was past the days where the results of a sporting event affected my mood for more than an hour after a game had ended, but I'm in a foul mood this morning about both the Pistons' loss to the Cavaliers and the Tigers' loss to the Indians. (I didn't have the energy or inclination to type out 900 words on that one.) This morning, Detroit is Cleveland's sports servant, and that really pisses me off.

So before I take out my anger on some defenseless, inanimate object, I'll try to console myself with the relief that I didn't spend $100 on tickets to see The Police in concert. I was really excited for the band's reunion, but according to Stewart Copeland, the tour's not off to a very good start. Or is there a different way to interpret a forum posting titled, "OUR FIRST DISASTER GIG"?

They're just two shows in, folks. Any band is sure to have some coughs and sputters to work out as it gets going, but usually gets tighter as a tour progresses. Surely, The Police will be no exception. But for now, it's just fun to read Copeland's blistering self-criticism. Candor: You gotta love it.

[...] we are professionals so we soon get sorted, but the groove is eluding us. We crash through MESSAGE and then go strait into SYNCHRONICITY. But there is just something wrong. We just can’t get on the good foot. We shamble through the song and hit the big ending. Last night Sting did a big leap for the cut-off hit, and he makes the same move tonight, but he gets the footwork just a little bit wrong and doesn’t quite achieve lift-off. The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a petulant pansy instead of the god of rock. Never Mind. Next song is going to be great…

But it isn’t. We get to the end of the first verse and I snap into the chorus groove – and Sting doesn’t. He’s still in the verse. We’ll have to listen to the tapes tomorrow to see who screwed up, but we are so off kilter that Sting counts us in to begin the song again. This is ubeLIEVably lame. We are the mighty Police and we are totally at sea.

Dude should've punched Sting, just for the hell of it. At least the fans are much more forgiving. (Naturally.)

I will now return to my regularly scheduled seething.