Friday, June 15, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of My Lack of Interest

Despite my comic book geek DNA, I wasn't exactly dying to see the new Fantastic Four flick. Even though the Silver Surfer - a cool-looking character whose appeal I've never quite understood - is in it.

And as you might expect, the reviews are brutal. Check out this gem from the Washington Post's Stephen Hunter:

Surely the dullest of Hollywood's many comic-book-derived summer movies, "Silver Surfer" is drearier than corn dying in the Iowa sun, slower than molasses in Antarctica, as grim as February in Rockville.

Still, if it's 90 degrees tomorrow, I may feel I have no choice but to seek cool, air-conditioned shelter in a movie theater. Even if it means looking at Jessica Alba (who's so miscast) and her freaky blonde wig and blue contact lenses.

(And I really have to post some new Four-Sentence Movie Reviews.)