Wednesday, July 27, 2005

To drive & crash in L.A.

I forgot to blog about this yesterday, probably because I was embarrassed to admit I watched it. But I did watch it, and dammit, I loved it. While flipping channels with my morning coffee, I found good ol' FOX News following an early morning high-speed car chase through Los Angeles. There was something hypnotic about watching the car zoom through quiet, empty streets from a helicopter camera's point of view. And there were a couple of "whoa!" moments when the car narrowly missed colliding head-on with another vehicle. But the thing that made me spill my cereal (which I got 15 minutes into watching this chase) was watching a California Highway Patrol car launch straight into the wall of a building, as it tried to turn a corner in hot pursuit. (BOOM! Get your video right here.)

Maybe the cops should've been chasing down this guy instead.

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