Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Far from an All-Star moment

I was thinking about writing a diary for last night's All-Star Game, but decided not to because I'm terrible at it (that's the quote I was hoping to get into this article). And also, without actually being there, I thought there was only so much I could say. Thankfully, we have Sam over at the hilarious Blue Cats and Red Sox. Not only did she blog about the All-Star Game, Sam wrote the comment every Detroit Tigers fan (and probably every baseball fan) was thinking when FOX's Jeanne Zelasko cut off the legendary Ernie Harwell in mid-sentence so the broadcast could move onto some music montage/Chevy ad. Outrageous. But Sam says it so much better:


FSN Detroit has been doing this spot all season, where they just sit Ernie Harwell down and ask him to talk for 5 or 10 minutes. And he does. He just sits down and tells a story about the Tigers, or about baseball, just off the top of his head. And that’s just Ernie Harwell. It sounds like he’s narrating, all the time, but he’s not, he’s just talking. No script. Ernie Harwell in a black velvet chauffeur-style hat! OH MY GOD YOU DO NOT CUT OFF ERNIE HARWELL YOU HORRIBLE WHORISH WOMAN. OH MY GOD. OH HOW DARE SHE! YOU ARE NOT FIT TO LICK THE SOLES OF ERNIE HARWELL’S SHOES YOU CHARLATAN!

Didn't that feel good to read? And if you'd like to read more about Zelasko's horribly rude interruption, maybe a less, oh, emotional take, check out today's column from Salon's King Kaufman. He points out that FOX's treatment of Harwell is just a reflection of the network's terrible (and insulting) baseball coverage.