Friday, July 22, 2005

Craptastic Bore

I finally saw Fantastic Four. I wish I'd have saved my money or opted for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead. There was a reason not many comic book movies were being made until X-Men and Spider-Man were successful. This was a painful reminder of those days. Not to director Tim Story: Look at your last name and remember what is necessary for a good movie.

Surprisingly, Jessica Alba wasn't that bad. But you do have to convince yourself that she's believable as a scientist (who, strangely, rarely does any scientist-like things in the movie, except for saying stuff like "the test results look promising.")

I knew this would be crap. But the geek in me had to see for myself, and couldn't wait for the DVD release. Discussions are currently under way within myself as to whether the geek in me should no longer be allowed access to my wallet.