Monday, July 25, 2005

Footnote to yesterday's Top 10 list

Considering he's in two of my Top 10 sports memories, I should note that Darren McCarty was placed on waivers by the Red Wings today, in order to shed his salary from the payroll, and likely ending his hockey career in Detroit.

Uncle Grambo at whatevs (dot org) wrote a better "obituary" on McCarty's career than I probably could, so I'll defer to him. I agree with Greg Eno that Steve Yzerman is the greatest Red Wing ever (Hey, I didn't see Gordie Howe play, okay?), but to me, Darren McCarty provided the heart for those Stanley Cup championship teams.

If he's willing to come back for a lesser salary and Detroit still wants him, it'd be nice to see him end his hockey career with the Red Wings.