Friday, July 29, 2005

Dear Colgate

Long-time user, first-time e-mailer. How are you fine folks doing this morning? I bet you all have lovely smiles, as a result of working at that fine institution. I'd like to think my smile is brighter and healthier, thanks to the dental care products you offer. Anyway, I know you guys are probably busy trying to come up with even more toothpastes that make the seemingly simple task of picking a toothpaste at the drugstore into a 30-minute ordeal. ("What's more important? White teeth? Less tartar build-up? Do I need baking soda? Do I really want a toothpaste that tastes like vanilla?") So I'll get right to the point.

I just bought one of your "Active Angle" toothbrushes, and hey, it did a great job. There are absolutely no bran flakes stuck between my teeth, and as I brush over them with my tongue, my teeth feel as smooth as ivory piano keys. So hey, no complaints with the performance.

But might I offer one suggestion to you in future toothbrush design? Some of the bristles in the middle of the toothbrush are colored red. Now, maybe that's an exciting color to some toothbrush users. It conveys energy and passion for good dental care, which is something I think we all want. However, for someone still trying to wake up as he brushes his teeth, looking at the color red on his toothbrush bristles is - please forgive my bluntness - kind of #@$%ing scary.

See, for a brief second there, I thought I was bleeding from my gums, tongue, or cheeks. That's a sensation I can do without. Sure, I sometimes bleed in the morning when I try to shave too fast. But if I wasn't bleeding from anywhere when I went to sleep, I sort of assume I won't be bleeding when I wake up in the morning.

So you might want to consider eliminating all of the red bristles from future toothpaste design. Just a thought. Keep going with the blues and greens. Those convey cleanliness, and to some people, they might be just as exciting.

Okay, good talk. Love your work. The ladies love my smile, and I have you to thank for that. You keep figuring out ways to keep my teeth cleaner, and I promise I'll keep using them.

Ian Casselberry