Friday, July 22, 2005

Longing for 'Last Days'

Speaking of dead rock stars, there was an interesting discussion on the resonance and influence of Kurt Cobain's death over at Pub of Knowledge. The chat came at an interesting time, with Gus Van Sant's not-a-biopic Last Days being released this weekend (at least in New York and L.A. - the Midwestern moviegoer in me always seethes at that).

The website and trailer are a bit haunting, as the lead actor, Michael Pitt, seems to embody Kurt Cobain. Although the main character is named "Blake," and Van Sant insists this isn't "The Kurt Cobain Story," it's pretty clear what the story is based on (just as Van Sant's last film, Elephant, was obviously a simulation of the Columbine shootings).

As a follow-up to the Cobain discussion, Susannah linked to the Village Voice's "An Open Letter to Gus Van Sant" and an NPR feature on the movie, which had a variety of opinions from people such as Charles Cross, who wrote a Cobain biography called Heavier than Heaven, and is definitely worth a listen.

But there's plenty more in the Village Voice besides that "letter." They're all over this flick, with reviews from film critic Dennis Lim and music critic Robert Christgau, along with features on Van Sant and Pitt. After reading all that, I'm - dare I say it - dying to see this movie. But I don't know when we'll get it in the Midwest. But maybe a certain New York correspondent will see the film and can send over a review. Mis Hooz, a Midwest nation of Cobain-starved fans turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo.