Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Don't You Come With Me, Little Girl, on a Magic Wall Ride?

I realize it's been kind of video-heavy here lately (and it never looks that impressive in RSS readers, when the video doesn't embed), but there's just too much funny stuff out there to share.

Case in point: I really miss John King's "Magic Wall" at CNN. (And Chuck Todd's touchscreen table at MSNBC, of course. A moment of silence, please, for Viva Chuck Todd.) Not having them on TV covering the election is like watching a kid have to put away his toys and come in for dinner. They just want to keep playing!

So, apparently, does The Daily Show's John Oliver. The power is surely intoxicating. If only he could make King stop haunting him...

Man, I want to play with a Magic Wall. Someday, perhaps.

King was wonderfully deadpan in that segment. Personally, however, I'd prefer to be haunted by his CNN colleague, Jessica Yellin. Even via hologram.