Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Am I Thankful For? Embedded Video Clips, For One

I'd like to post a list of what I've been thankful for over the past year (mostly to remind myself not to be so grumpy), but if I don't get to that, I'll at least post this video of Paul Rudd dancing on The Daily Show. Because I'm definitely thankful for the laughs it brings me.

Ah, yes - the joy of dance. Do it like no one's lookin'. This also proves that almost anything looks good when set to Primal Scream's "Rocks."

I'm hoping Role Models will be part of my holiday, non-eating itinerary. I hear it has little kids swearing. And there's nothing funnier - nothing - than little kids swearing.

And clearly, Rudd has to do Dancing With the Stars next.