Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's Going to Watch the Watchmen?

I'm still not convinced that non-comic book fans will be interested in seeing Watchmen (though Warner Bros. is trying to get people's attention with some really cool-looking posters). But maybe that won't matter if it's just a really good movie.

This new trailer makes my inner comic book fan sing (though it's not as cool as the teaser that came out this summer). But I'm curious what anyone who doesn't even know what Watchmen is might think. (Although I think this explains the general story rather well.)

You can see it bigger here.

My only complaint - and it's a little, fanboyish one - is Billy Crudup's voice as Dr. Manhattan. When reading the graphic novel, I always imagined it as sounding... more-than-human somehow. (Look at how his speech balloons are drawn.) But maybe there's a point to that decision.

Anyway, four months until Watchmen hits theaters.

(via Cinematical)