Sunday, November 02, 2008

Affleck's Best Performance Since He Was the Bomb in 'Phantoms,' Yo?

After John McCain's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, I'm sure we'll be reading plenty of "If only this guy had run for president instead..." lamentations from pundits and reporters. And I'll agree with that. That's the guy many of us liked in the early part of this decade.

McCain might even have a better sense of humor than Barack Obama, or at least might not take himself so seriously. Unfortunately, he hasn't shown that until two days before the election. And we're far past the point of voting for a guy because he can poke fun at himself.

Speaking of someone who takes himself really seriously, Keith Olbermann got poked pretty hard by Ben Affleck.

Okay, it wasn't the best impersonation of him, but the skit certainly captured the bloviating indignance Olbermann has so often filled the TV screen with this election season. (I mean, I'm glad he's on "our" side, but still... what's going to happen to him if Obama wins?)

Of course, if you don't watch Countdown, you might not have found that funny at all.