Saturday, November 08, 2008

Levity We Can Believe In

I know Barack Obama has some deadly serious business to deal with as the President-Elect (and he's getting to work on it much faster than anyone should've expected him to), but yesterday's press conference brought two thoughts to mind.

1) I hope Obama meets with the press frequently throughout his presidency. JFK held 64 press conferences during his three years in office. That averaged out to about once every two weeks. Compare that to the closed ranks approach of the last eight years under George W. Bush.

2) When it's appropriate, I hope our new President allows his sense of humor to shine through. Case in point, responding to a question about the puppy he promised to his daughters during his acceptance speech:

I love how Obama tries to maintain his super-serious demeanor, using the "Clinton thumb" hand gesture for emphasis. But the mischievous twinkle in his eye gives him away. (As does Michigan's esteemed Governor, Jennifer Granholm, giggling in the background, in case you weren't sure.) Nicely done, sir.