Thursday, April 03, 2008

That Saucy Little Minx, Mrs. Butterworth

While having one of those quiet, contemplative mornings in which I'm trying to catch up on things that I've put off, overlooked, or neglected in the past few weeks, I realized that my friend, Mr. Peter J. Schwab, sent me a clip of his latest film endeavor, titled The Erotic Awakening of Mrs. B.

Has Pete expressed a new, innovative vision of the powerful mating that can occur between maple syrup and pancakes? Or has he given us some food porn (which is totally safe for work, by the way) to savor while you're craving breakfast? You make the call.

You might also remember Mr. Schwab from his previous works, such as The Most Gorgeous Penis, his demolition deconstruction of Paul Verhoeven, which somehow combined Total Recall and Showgirls, or his brilliant cinematic depiction of Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange, the latter two of which, unfortunately, have never been seen by anyone.

Peter, I really enjoyed your movie and apologize for my shameful neglect over the past month. Please excuse me while I look for some pancakes and perhaps some other things to pour maple syrup upon.