Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You'll Be Able to Say You Knew Him Back in the Day

One of my good friends, Mr. Peter J. Schwab, is an aspiring filmmaker, and has been working on a particular pet project for quite some time. However, his short film is finally finished, which probably means Pete can erase the word "aspiring" from my introductory sentence. And thanks to YouTube, everyone can take now take a look at it.

I should probably throw out the ol' Not Safe For Work warning. Although there's very little potentially objectionable visual material in here, you might not want anyone seeing the climactic image on your monitor while walking past your desk.

Ladies and gentleman, I present a Drive-In Rebellion production. A film by Peter J. Schwab, this is... The Most Gorgeous Penis.

A point of discussion from the director:

An in depth analysis of society's obsession with the phallus or a drawn out purple vein dick joke? You decide, gentle viewer.

I had opportunities to read the script in a couple of different stages, so it's exciting to see the final product. Seeing Pete's words brought to life by actors made me practically giddy, so I can only imagine how frickin' joyful he must feel when he watches this. Or maybe he's like so many other artists (like one particular writer I know) and just sees the flaws. I hope that's not the case, because I think he created the film I saw in my head as I read his script.

Pete, I'm damn proud of you, sir. I hope you guys enjoy the short film.