Friday, April 04, 2008

The Best News My Sister Has Heard All Week?

Dr. Lil' Sis is getting married in two weeks (Two weeks?!), but until her day of holy matrimony, this might be the best news she's received this year. She'll never admit to it, though. Too bad she couldn't be home to watch the Today show this morning.

I apologize if all the screaming girls blew out your eardrums. You really can't make out anything anyone is saying, either.

The New Kids on the Block are back! And not just for a tour, but a new album! (That should make a great wedding present, don't you think? "Dear Sis, here's 'The Right Stuff'! Congrats!" And her groom better accept that he'll have to buy concert tickets.) OMG! NKTOB!

Lil' Sis might always make fun of me for playing with G.I. Joe action figures, but I have some ammunition, too.

(via Vulture)