Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spiriting Your Interest?

I've posted several movie trailers based on comic books over the past year here (Are we really a week away from Iron Man?), but one popped up a couple of days ago that I'm wondering if the general movie-going audience will really be interested in.

Frank Miller's name has some pull with people now, based on Sin City and 300, and along with that, the highly stylized visuals that made those films so distinct seems to have caught on. So maybe that'll be enough to draw curiosity toward Miller's new project, The Spirit:

Granted, this is just a "teaser trailer," but if you're someone who didn't read the "Spirit" comic books or aren't familiar with the work of Will Eisner (in which titles incorporated into the backgrounds was a signature), was that just a little bit too cheesy for you? Or too vague?

Maybe that teaser was preaching to the converted, the fans who were going to see this movie anyway, either out of devotion to Miller, love of Eisner and his flagship character, or a general love of comic book adaptations. It's just meant to pique some curiosity and give people a taste. Perhaps I'm just overthinking the whole thing and underestimating whatever interest there will be in a good ol' action movie with cool action and hot babes (Scarlett Johansson! Eva Mendes! Paz Vega!).

Of course, I may have also just wanted to post a video, since I haven't posted anything in over a week.