Friday, September 08, 2006

Should I just go to the movies this Sunday?

The NFL season started last night, which is pretty damn exciting - at least in other cities. Here in Detroit, unfortunately, a new season means the Lions will begin their gridiron slog on Sunday.

I wrote a Lions preview for Motor City Sports Magazine, which is now posted on their new website. If you're interested, it's right there on the front page. I'm sticking with virtually everything I wrote there, but I have to admit, I had a different feeling when I sat down to write that piece.

As I explained in somewhat excruciating detail at Sweaty Men Endeavors, I can't remember being less excited about the Lions, going into a new season. Even in the years (and there have been many) when they've been terrible, I was optimistic. Some time during last season, my inner football fan's spirit seems to have been crushed.

Will I bother to watch? Of course I will. I'm still a sucker for pro football, no matter which version of it the Lions have subjected us to over the decades.

During the course of the season, however, I'll take solace in posting pictures of crying babies with snarky taglines. Thanks to my old buddy, Rob, for loaning out his son, Sam.