Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Letting my winged wheel show

It's been a rough week for Detroit Red Wings fans. Just before the July 4th holiday, Steve Yzerman - The Captain - a Detroit sports icon, retired after a 23-year career. And over the weekend, an important part of the Stanley Cup championship teams, Brendan Shanahan, opted to play next season with the New York Rangers.

I haven't said my piece on Yzerman yet, because I'm still trying to absorb all of the tributes that have already been written about him. But of all the athletes I've watched in Detroit over my lifetime, he's been one of the most special. So when I can finally articulate some coherent thoughts, I'll chime in.

But I do have something to say today on Shanahan, who took part in some of my favorite memories as a Detroit sports fan. You can check it out, over at my sports blog, Sweaty Men Endeavors.