Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hey kids! Do you like swearing?

I couldn't help myself. But I love me some Deadwood, and even more so, I love the post-mortem conversations that Mis Hooz and I bury ourselves in each week. We roll up our sleeves and get in, elbow-deep, talking about the stories, savoring a favorite line or six, express our admiration for a character (particularly the baddest of the bad, Mr. Al Swearengen), and by the time we're done, HBO's usually ready to serve up the next episode.

So this season - slated to be Deadwood's last, excepting a reported two-hour movie or two - I thought it might be fun if my favorite TV-watching pal and I put our conversations into blog form. The season lasts only 12 weeks or so, so it wouldn't drive us crazy.

We originally talked about doing something at's "Watercooler," which has reader blogs, but 1) they're not set up for group blogs, and 2) they don't allow swearing. And I don't know how the hell you can write about Deadwood without swear words. The language is just too important a component of the show.

I'm not sure how interesting it'd be for other people, since it's pretty much just me and Mis Hooz blabbing at each other, much as we would over the phone. And we're not always good about posting responses to each episode very quickly, sometimes not getting to it until hours before the next show. So if you stop by on Monday, looking for some immediate Deadwood chatter, you might be disappointed. The plan all along was to do it mostly for us.

But I think it's been working out nicely. So if anyone else wanted to come along and check it out, that'd be just fine. I try to post semi-regular updates from articles I find in the internet thoroughfare, just to keep things moving.

Be warned, if you're of a delicate constitution: There's plenty of swearing. (For someone who tries to reign that in around here, it's been damn liberating.) And I can get quite long-winded (which shouldn't surprise anyone who reads this blog regularly). Hoozie, thankfully for her and you, keeps her thoughts rather succinct, in comparison. I, myself, cannot exercise the same level of restraint.

The blog is Requiems For a Gleet. Welcome to #@$%ing Deadwood!