Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The babies keep coming!

Congratulations to my friend Lisa - otherwise known as "Mrs. K" in the comments section here - who gave birth to her first child last week. Welcome to this world, Esther Summer!

I'd post pictures of the happy new parents and their fresh spawn, but I'm told People magazine has exclusive rights to the first publicly released images of Lil' K.

I've been very bad about visiting Mrs. K, and I appreciate her patience with me. But with the arrival of Esther, I will be trying my best to see the new mama and bring some baby Air Jordans for the child.

And maybe I'll get to do my sweat-and-squirm when the K's ask me if I would like to hold the newborn. Somehow, I always hold babies like a football or a loaf of bread, trying desperately to keep the kid's head supported. I suppose the only way to get better is to hold more babies.

Lisa, I'm very excited and happy for you. You're going to be a great mother (as opposed to the bad mutha you were before.) Many adult beverages will be raised in tribute to you and baby Esther this week.