Thursday, June 08, 2006

Me and Kanye down by the schoolyard

It often seems like everyone else except me shares a birthday with a cool celebrity, but I'm tossing that inferiority complex out the window. This year, I'm struttin' loud and proud!

Kanye West, Boz Scaggs, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Nancy Sinatra, and I will be rockin' it out - birthday style - today. I don't know what those guys have in mind. Me, I'll be cruising the town looking for the finest (free) birthday meats and cheeses to shovel into my mouth. Who's going to have more fun? I mean, really?

And maybe I'll hope - once again - for a Superman birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm feeling thankful for the small things today.

(And good meals to come. Along with the sweet-ass package of goodies the mailman dropped off earlier this morning from Mis Hooz. You, my dear friend, are a pillar of sheer beauty and vast awesomeness. King Kong ain't got nuthin' on you!)

Remember, be good to each other. Danny Donkey loves you.