Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On the (socio)path to happiness

After yesterday's post, it's been brought to my attention by concerned friends and family that I could be on the cusp of becoming a raging young (emphasis on young, since I'm occasionally sensitive about my age) sociopath.

Lil' Sis, the pharmacist who sweetly doesn't insist I call her "Doctor," is worried about my blood pressure.

I have listened, and will act accordingly. Here is the life change I have decided upon, in response to concerns for my mental and physical health:

I will begin to drink more. You know, take off the edge. Smooth out a bit. I think it'll work great. I might fall asleep in front of the TV more often, but hey, that means I won't have to make the bed the next morning - which I hate.

Peaches, flowers, and sunshine. Every day is a gift, people. Love each other as you would love yourself.

Speaking of loving one's self, it's almost lunch time, which means... Never mind. I like to read the newspaper at lunch. Be good to each other. Danny Donkey loves you.

(Image from "Pearls Before Swine" ©2006 Stephen Pastis/ Dist. by UFS, Inc.)