Monday, June 26, 2006

It's a blog! It's a post! It's... Superman Week!

As mentioned on Friday, the decree has been passed down from the K-Dog, thus naming this week "Superman Week," for the epic contribution to cinema and comic book culture set to hit theaters on Wednesday. (So close... ooooh... so close.) Check out the fresh coat of paint and tchotckes Mr. and Mrs. Antcliff have broken out for the occasion. I'm quite envious of that banner. Just look at the size of that bobblehead.

The best I can do is my little Superman action figure. After shearing my hair off, I can't manage a decent spit-curl, so that's out. I tried my best to deck myself out in some old Superman Underoos, but Kal-El can't get into the Fortress of Solitude, if you know what I mean. (And I think you do.)

If I have the time this week, maybe I'll go through some old photo albums for pictures of the Superman pajamas and Halloween costumes I rocked out as a kid. Or the pillowcases and sheets that stayed on my bed just a little too close to adulthood.

Meanwhile, Batman and Spider-Man are looking on with some jealousy, because they were my favorite comic book superheroes growing up. Really, guys - you were.

However, neither of them had a movie to show Young Ian as an impressionable five-year-old geek-in-training. No matter how many times I watch Superman: The Movie, I still get that same feeling in my chest when Christopher Reeve cycles through that revolving door to change from Clark Kent into Superman. And the hairs on my neck have very Pavlovian reactions to John Williams' original score. Just the first few notes of his Superman theme raise my ears and get me sitting on my hind legs.

But I doubt it'll be all-Superman all week here. As much as I'd love to devote an entry to my favorite Superman comic book stories (which actually aren't many), or post the term papers I wrote about Superman as Christ figure and Jewish mythological hero, there's other stuff going on. Like the new Blade TV series, also starting on Wednesday, and starring The Future Mrs. Casselberry. Mrs. C (known in civilian life as Jill Wagner) won't be happy if I don't tune in. And considering all the hits this blog still gets every day, thanks to her and the other guys drooling after her, I probably owe her that.

Or maybe I'll just save that for next week. After all, this is Superman Week.