Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We want equal pant-lengths!

Back in the days when I had to dress up for work (excuse me while I scratch this itch - the flashback seems to have caused a rash), I was often jealous whenever the weather got warmer because women got to wear lighter clothes and skirts, while us guys were stuck in the same ol' starchy shirts and khakis.

Mis Hooz once insisted to me that lighter summer clothing exists for men, but I either haven't seen it or can't afford to be running around in seersucker suits like Tom Wolfe.

Since I haven't had to wear a tie to work in quite some time, those jealousies faded. But then I read this piece from last Thursday's New York Times (I just, uh, happened to be reading the Style section for, uh, pictures of models - yep), and the emotions all came surging back.

Shorts - "crisply tailored, razor-creased versions with hemlines that hover chastely at the knees," as the article says - are in style for the ladies. And they've apparently become acceptable office wear, too.

"Even in a law office, though, shorts are not necessarily an affront to convention. Last week, Melissa Gluck, a lawyer in New York, wore shorts to work with a tank top and a tiny black sweater. She conceded that her outfit might cause a stir if she wore it to court, but was quick to add that it would probably pass muster if she paired the shorts with a jacket."

I don't know how else to say it. This is bullshit.

Yes, a man trying to work shorts into conventional office attire - with long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt - would look flat-out ridiculous. But it's just not fair, man.

If the ladies get to air it out, so should the guys. Am I right?

Fellas, weigh in on this with me. Why do we have to sweat it out during the summer while women get to cool off?

Shorts in the office, man! Let's start the revolution now! We promise not to wear black socks with them.