Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great. Caesar's. Ghost.

I'm treading a bit on Kevin Antcliff's territory (well, not really, since he's already written about it), but the new trailer for Superman Returns is online now, and... I almost can't move after watching it. Actually, I've already watched it, well, let's say a few times last night. And a couple more times this morning.

I'm not even sure I should be looking directly at it. It's too cool. The Matrix sequels raised the bar for flying scenes, and it looks like Bryan Singer and crew met that standard. (Can't say they exceeded it yet.) Any doubts I had about Brandon Routh (He looks too young! Who knows if he can act?) as the new Superman are pretty much gone. And as the K-Dog said to me in an e-mail last night (we exchange many giddy, emotional letters whenever new Superman movie news is released), Kevin Spacey is the right mix of evil and devious as Lex Luthor.

But to be honest, they had me as soon as the first few notes of John Williams' theme song kicked in. (That's one thing newer blockbusters like the Spider-Man and new Batman flicks have lacked. Where's the signature theme song? Get on that, man.)

Less than sixty days until this movie comes out (June 30)? I will be The wait is almost unbearable.