Friday, October 21, 2005

J'adore Colbert

Okay, I just got the Batman Begins DVD (special edition, y'all!) in the mail from Amazon, so I'm going to be preoccupied with that. My weekend (other than football - predictions at Sweaty Men Endeavors later today) is now spoken for. But I have one thing in the jar I'd like to empty out before I get to that.

One week in, I'm hooked on The Colbert Report. (Actually, I forgot about it on Monday until Raging Red reminded me to watch.) The show is a brilliant skewering of FOX News, with some shots at the other cable news networks folded in, as well. The introductionary sequence, with the soaring eagle zooming all over the screen, and Colbert waving an American flag, could amuse me for months, just by itself. (Will it eventually get old? Maybe. But it'll take a while for me.)

And I love the interviews, especially at the beginning, where Colbert makes the introduction, but rather than let the guest walk out and receive applause, Colbert stands up from his desk and walks over to the interview lounge, soaking up all the attention for himself. Hilarious. Plus, the man got Fareed Zakaria to say "You have balls on your mind tonight."

For that alone, I now consider myself a member of Colbert Nation.

May your fall weekend be laden with cider and donuts.

EDIT: For a really interesting analysis of what works and what doesn't on the show, check out this very perceptive entry at The Tin Foil Hat.