Thursday, October 27, 2005

Five hundred, fifty-one thousand years... ?

Look, people - I really, really appreciate your readership. My ego loves it. But I don't want you getting in trouble at work. And according to this article from Advertising Age, many of you are on the verge of doing just that. (Well... only if you get caught, right? HA!)

You need to register to read the article, so unless you'd like to stop by BugMeNot to get a login, I'll just give you an excerpt:

About 35 million workers -- one in four people in the labor force -- visit blogs and on average spend 3.5 hours, or 9%, of the work week engaged with them, according to Advertising Age’s analysis. Time spent in the office on non-work blogs this year will take up the equivalent of 2.3 million jobs. Forget lunch breaks -- blog readers essentially take a daily 40-minute blog break.

40 minutes? Wow. I know my blogs have been getting more long-winded, but c'mon now.

Those 40 minutes a day add up to 551,000 years spent reading blogs in the workplace. 551,000 years? Isn't there a song from Rent about that? Five hundred, fifty-one thousand years? How do you measure, measure all those years?

Ahem. Anyway, it looks like I can do my part to help you guys and make sure you don't get in trouble. For instance, link to more news articles. That way, you're reading The New York Times or Washington Post when your boss or a co-worker walks by. (Here, go read Howard Kurtz's piece on the buzz in Washington over the CIA leak story. You're welcome.)

Or I can blog about your work. Bosses can't get mad if you're reading a work-related blog, right? So leave a comment or e-mail me with suggestions, and I can help cover your ass. For instance, let's say my friend Mis Hooz works for an architect. So tomorrow, I might wonder why so many new buildings (here in the Midwest, anyway) seem to have some sort of s-shaped ornament to them. (Apparently, it's Art Nouveau architecture. Okay Hooz, go back to reading Gawker, and give me some juicy gossip.) Help me help you. Know what I'm sayin'?

Okay, this whole thing took, what, five minutes of your 40-minute blog break? Carry on. But please come back. Remember, my ego loves you.