Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Rorschach Test

Tomorrow is the big day. Watchmen hits theaters, and I'll probably be catching a matinee. (I don't think I can do the midnight showing tonight for a near-three hour flick.) I'm at that point I often get to with movies like this, where I can't take any more hype.

I can't watch any more trailers online, I can't watch any more "sneak peeks" on TV, and I can't read any more reviews. (Though I've really enjoyed's video interviews with cast and crew.) And though Alan Moore's writing has brought great joy to my life over the years, I really don't give a shit what he thinks about his work being adapted because he's just trying to piss on everyone's parade.

I just want to see the damn thing.

At some point, probably when I'm sitting in my seat before the previews begin, I'll wonder if I've set myself up to be disappointed by getting so excited. (I read through the book one more time this week, which was probably a bad idea.) But really, Iron Man and The Dark Knight cooked a lot of that angst out of me. And I know by the time that WB logo hits the screen, I won't even care about that stuff because I'll still be in disbelief that a Watchmen movie has really been made.

In the meantime, however, I'll occupy myself with more promotional material, such as this video of the special effects used to create Rorschach's mask. So cool!

I can only hope we'll get a similar video detailing the work that went into creating Dr. Manhattan's big blue schlong, my favorite description of which is Cinematical's "dangling like a participle with no tomorrow."

♦ I can't post that Rorschach "Obamicon" image, without giving proper credit to the artist, Warren Hart. You can buy t-shirts with the graphic here.

♦ All the Watchmen footage released online, edited into one clip? Here you are. has a new interview with Alan Moore.

♦ What would a Watchmen Saturday morning cartoon have looked like?