Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If You Ever Need to Ditch 3 1/2 Pounds of Carrots...

Is this video demonstrating the power of new toilet flushing technology fascinating or a little bit disturbing? I mean, really - how often is some of this stuff used to demonstrate flushing capacity going to find its way into your toilet?

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After watching that, I'm reminded of shopping for new toilets last year as we suddenly had to remodel both of our bathrooms. The salesperson at Lowe's was raving about a toilet that could flush 10-15 golf balls. ("It does! I've tried it!")

While I appreciated that capability, I also wondered what I could possibly produce in the bathroom that would be the equivalent of a bucket of golf balls. Instead, maybe I should be thinking of incriminating evidence that I may need to dispose of someday. Maybe the next demonstration of toilet technology will have a foot sticking out of the bowl as someone tries to push it in, like with the woodchipper in Fargo.

(via Thompson on Hollywood)