Sunday, February 01, 2009

These Fingers Were Made For Typin'

It wasn't exactly a resolution of mine to blog more here in 2009, but I did want to post more this year than I did last year.

The 34 posts I put up in January - and I intended to write more - were the most I've done in a month on this blog since July of 2005. (I wrote 19 posts last January.) But that's when there was no Bless You Boys or Sweaty Men Endeavors, and I spent all day on campus, with plenty of time to kill between classes and waiting for buses at Iowa. (And later on, I blogged to keep my head from exploding after my father died.)

In January of '05, I wrote 63 posts! And that was with no video clips available and few photos. What the hell was I writing about? Although I think I "got" writing in short bursts much better back then. (And I didn't gratuitously split up "random thoughts" types of posts, like I may have today. Ahem.)

I bet FRT had more readers back then, too. Ah, well.