Monday, February 23, 2009

The Acceptance Speech Mickey Rourke Got to Make

As you probably know by now, Sean Penn won the Best Actor award at the Oscars last night, instead of Mickey Rourke. (And though I predicted a Rourke win, I tried to cover my bases by saying Penn deserved the award, in what will eventually be viewed as the more important film.) So not only was Rourke denied recognition for a great performance, but we as a viewing audience were deprived of what surely would've been a memorable acceptance speech.

Fortunately, Rourke won Best Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday night, and got to make a speech that was surely more raucous than what he may have intended for the Oscars. (Just be warned if you're watching this at work: This is from the live broadcast, so the profanity isn't bleeped out.)

But hopefully for Rourke's sake, this is the launch of a comeback, and not a landing point. May his next movie choice be a good one. (Do Iron Man 2, Mickey!) Maybe Rourke will get another chance at an Oscar someday, and we'll get to see ABC censors freak out as he walks to the microphone. My fingers are crossed.