Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Speech We Should've Seen

When looking over the schedule for last night's speeches at the Democratic National Convention, I'm sure the cable news channels saw John Kerry set to speak after Bill Clinton and thought it might be anti-climactic. Plus, Kerry does have the reputation of being sort of a gasbag.

Had Kerry's speech been shown, I might have turned the channel. And that's surely why CNN and MSNBC opted to have their pundits jabber on instead. But I followed along online, and quickly realized I would've been wrong not to pay attention. The cable news channels most certainly made a bad decision in not showing the speech. Especially when they'd been criticizing the Democrats the past two nights for going into attack mode toward the Republicans. Everyone should've seen Kerry's remarks on TV last night, if they were already tuned into DNC coverage.

Fortunately, we have YouTube:

Had this guy shown himself in 2004, maybe he would've won the presidential election.

(via Andrew Sullivan)