Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Only Thing Michael Phelps and I Have in Common

Over the past week, I've gotten as caught up in this Michael Phelps thing as anyone. Besides the tremendous spectacle he's presented in Beijing (Friday night's by-the-fingertips win in the 100M Butterfly was incredible to watch), I dig him even more because he's been an Ann Arborite for the past few years. I think it's that Midwestern need to identify with "one of us" (even though Phelps is really a Maryland guy).

Besides the gold medals, Phelps has also gotten a lot of play for the voracious eating regimen that fuels the swimming machine. Anyone who's ever looked at me knows I can eat, but even I don't think I could put 12,000 calories away. (Unless I actually have, and didn't realize it during an evening at a Chinese buffet.)

Anyway, Phelps has to go somewhere to get all that food, which is what makes this video cool. Plenty of local Ann Arbor eateries can be seen here.

Yep. That's about the only thing Michael Phelps and I have in common. We both eat breakfast at Benny's Family Dining. (Well, sometimes - I'm more of a Mark's Midtown Coney Island guy nowadays.) Oh, and our favorite Chinese restaurant is Middle Kingdom on Main St. I was just in there last night, and the old man who owns the place was talkative and giddy over all the attention his place was receiving from its moment on TV. And he's not usually talkative or giddy. But he sure enjoyed telling anyone who asked what Phelps likes to eat.

You know, I used to swim a lot, too, when I was a kid. Which you might not guess by looking at me now. Even then, I didn't wear the Speedos, though.

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