Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lighter Green Color, More Hulkalicious Flavor

This is turning into a video blog over here, but I just keep finding stuff I want to post. Last night, the new trailer for The Incredible Hulk played on MTV, but since I don't watch MTV anymore (either because I'm just too old or don't care about the "reality TV" they stage), I missed it. But of course, it's been made available online.

[I changed the clip to a YouTube embed, now that it's available. I hated that you had to click over to to see the trailer. Hopefully, a HD version pops up soon.]

Not the best trailer I've ever seen, but clearly Marvel wants everyone to know that, unlike Ang Lee's depiction of the Hulk from five years ago, Louis Leterrier's movie is going to have some smash-face action. And after two minutes, I think I already like this version better. (Edward Norton, typical of his career, apparently has some issues with the final cut, however.)

UPDATE: Leterrier talked to Empire magazine about the trailer and what can be expected (more action, no waiting to see the Hulk, etc.) in the movie.