Friday, March 14, 2008

Kory McFarren: Boyfriend of the Decade?

I'm posting this largely for the benefit of my mother, who thought I was making this story up when I told her about it last night. (Or maybe she just didn't like that I was talking about it on the way to dinner.)

Yes, Mama Cass - a woman did actually stay in her bathroom for two years. And her skin really did... stick to the toilet seat. Or perhaps more specifically, grow around it after sitting for approximately three to four weeks.

I don't want to joke about this too much, because the woman is obviously extremely troubled, if not outright ill. But... wow. Somebody has to sit her "boyfriend" (a term which just has to be put in quotations, considering the circumstances) in front of a microphone and ask him how he let two years go by without doing something.

How was this discovered? Someone called a reporter with a tip.