Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who wants a piece of my Movie Mogul Mojo?

Last week, Dave almost bragged about his quick rise to first place in our fantasy movie league, but he managed to keep things pretty humble. I think it's because he knew what was coming. I was about to bring the smackdown.

If you keep tabs on such things, you might have noticed that the #1 and #2 films at the box office last weekend were Wild Hogs and Zodiac. And it just so happens that my studio, Projection Booth Pervs, selected both of those flicks in our league's draft. That's $53 million worth of box office, baby, and it skyrocketed the Pervs into first place.

Oh, the abysmal taste of the general movie-going public has never provided sweeter nectar for me. Instead of sneering at those who chose John Travolta and Tim Allen over Robert Downey, Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal (along with FRT's professed mancrush, Mark Ruffalo) while waiting in line at the theater this weekend, I silently applauded their poor entertainment choices. And judging from the number of seats filled at my screening of Zodiac, I knew I'd be okay. (Four-sentence movie review on the way.)

If I could've lit a victory cigar with the flap from a box of Milk Duds right there in the theater, I most certainly would have. But a message before the show told me I can't smoke in there. I would've called up my friends to ask them if they heard of such a thing, but I was also told no cell phones.

Warning to Dave and the rest of Follywood: Grindhouse hasn't even opened yet. Bring the pain, bring the noise.