Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That's What She Said! (Episode #15)

These two-week breaks aren't conducive to staying sharp on podcasts. I'm sure NBC will take that under consideration next year as they plan out their television seasons. Anyway, Matt and I are back at it this week, as That's What She Said takes an in-depth and spoiler filled look at the latest episode of The Office, titled "Ben Franklin."

How hot is a Founding Father? What talents or knowledge might such a historical figure be able to drop on a bridal shower? Surely, the women of Dunder-Mifflin had it much better than the men, who had to contend with man meat, unintelligible card games, and strippers for their Guys Afternoon In (or "GAI").

Has this Pam-Jim thing been taken as far as it can really go? Are fans of the show beginning to get over this "will they or won't they" shell game? And really, just how many of us guys have really seen a stripper in live action?

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