Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can I live this fantasy life?

No, I didn't decide to give up blogging for Lent. But thanks for asking. I am still looking for something to give up, however. Not due to any religious beliefs, but more out of a sense of tribute to my father. And I like the idea of depriving myself of something for 40 days to test my feeble mental will. You know, kind of like Josh Hartnett in that one movie.

I'm beginning to think, however, that I should give up something before I've even had a chance to start. I can already see that fantasy sports could potentially lead to my downfall this spring and summer. Yesterday, I received an invite from Hoyt to join his fantasy baseball league for the second year in a row, and I had so much fun with it last year that I signed up almost immediately. (The only thing keeping me from forming a team even faster was trying to think up a good name. Would "Chris Hansen's Predators" be kind of tasteless?)

I'm not sure I can restrict myself to just one league, however. For one thing, I need a team to practice with before I take on Hoyt and the rest of The Justice League. (Great name, eh? Nice work, Hoyt.) Plus, ESPN and CBS Sportsline have free fantasy baseball this season, and I'm so very curious as to how playing in those leagues might differ from Yahoo! And while hanging out with Brian on Monday night, he told me that "you haven't played fantasy baseball until you participate in a live auction draft." I don't know if I'll be able to accept such a challenge - especially when these online drafts make things so easy - but my ego was certainly intrigued. (Oh, and I should play in a keeper league at some point, too. That is, if I want to be a man.)

But fantasy leagues aren't just about sports, either. Last week, Dave posted something about a fantasy movie league, and after reading it, I knew I wanted to get into it. Thankfully, Dave showed some initiative and put together a small league ("Follywood"), so now I can see if this could possibly be as fun as football and baseball. Even better, the "season" only lasts until the end of April, so if we all really like this, we can take on the summer movie season next.

So yesterday, Follywood had its draft. Just as "teams" try to select the players who can get the most touchdowns or home runs, "studios" pick a roster of movies that will accumulate the biggest box office take. Luck of the draw determines who gets first crack at the top prospects. And with the fourth selection (out of six) in the draft order, here are the films that my studio - Projection Booth Pervs - is looking to for big (pretend) money and glory:

I know what you're thinking. Wild Hogs? John Travolta? Martin Lawrence? Why would you pick a piece of $#!+ like that? Remember, these aren't necessarily films that I want to see; they're the ones that I think will pull in the most cash at the box office. Besides, that was my second-to-last selection. The pickings weren't great at that point. And c'mon - didn't I earn some street cred by nabbing Grindhouse and Zodiac? (I have an angry e-mail from Dave that says I did.)

Generally, I like my roster. We've got horror, we've got comedy, and some family fare, as well. My one mistake - choosing what I want to see instead of what might make more money - may have been Hot Fuzz. Just because all my friends saw (and liked) Shaun of the Dead doesn't mean it pulled in big box office. (It didn't.)

So what do you think? Will the Projection Booth Pervs be the last fantasy studio standing?