Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Come out to plaaa-ay...

Don't you love it when you see an article that addresses something you'd been wondering about? I got that feeling when I saw Allen Barra's piece in yesterday's Salon about the cult popularity of The Warriors, which is being fed by a special edition DVD release and a video game based on the movie.

A video game based on a late-70's cult movie? Is there really an audience for such a thing? Obviously, the Rockstar Games guys think so.

I didn't realize The Warriors had such a following. I recall watching the movie a few times when I was a kid, after we got cable. But I can barely remember what the movie was about. I remember the "Warriors, come out to plaaaay-ay" taunt, which I may have imitated while playing with my friends, along with "Caaan yooou dig iiiit?" But that's about it.

(Image from The Warriors Movie Site)

I like the cultural precedent this could set, though. In ten years, who knows what people will look back on and remember lovingly? (I'm sure VH1 will give us a few ideas. They're probably already working on that show.) But if we're talking about special edition DVDs and video games, I'm putting in a request right now.

Road House.

You read that right. Where's the "director's cut" DVD for that one? Who's working on the video game? Rockstar Games, are you on it?

The slogan is already there: "Pain don't hurt." Or maybe "Don't eat the white mint" would be better.

I want to be Dalton, to beat the $#!+ out of a bar full of guys, and "take the biggest guy in the world, shatter his knee and he'll drop like a stone." Tell me that video game wouldn't be #@%ing. Sweet.

Allen Barra, there's your next writing assignment. Save it for ten years from now. And if you don't want to write it, I will. Salon, you know how to find me. "My way... or the highway."