Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hulking Out Over the Darnedest Things

With The Incredible Hulk coming out on Friday (and me spending far too much time online watching clips and reading interviews last night), I wanted to post these videos that should help us all remember why this is a character that continues to resonate in our pop culture.

Will the new movie have scenes anywhere near as compelling as these? First, here's David Banner trapped in New York City traffic.

"I've got to be there by five!"

Man, Ferrigno's wig is terrible in that one. Did his head get bigger or something?

Here's a situation we can all surely relate to (though not in a phone booth these days). Oh, those annoying operators with their falsely calm condescension!

"I don't have 25 cents!"

Better wig, though. Maybe Edward Norton's cell phone will cut out in this new movie. "Only one bar? Rrrarrhhh!"

Finally, the music in the trailer emulates the "Lonely Man" theme that played at the end of every TV episode. But wouldn't it be cool if they were somehow able to incorporate this old cartoon theme?

"Dr. Banner, belted by Gamma rays... Turned into the Hulk... Ain't he un-glamor-ays?"

Wretched. The movie has to be better than this junk.